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Hello WordPress Users!!!

YO!!! was up bras…

err no thats not like me… this is:

Yo was up guys hows it rollling….

No thats no it ethier… -.-‘ …..Oh i know this is me:

Yo!!! hows it going WPU!!… no… not that ethier…

What ever ima just try something new…

YO!!!!… no not that..hm…

Well hello People yes.. a long intro right?? but this is my first time blogging about what ever it is to blog about :P.

Yes im FantasyChef also known to my Gamer buddies as Warchefthall on Sc2 and Wc3 and on other games.

Im a good casual gamer starting to be hardcore 😛 and i wanna be a software engineer for computers and such but i want to specilise in game software. if you guys need to contact me go Here *huge blob pops up and get you :P* or Bam!! its Facebook… wonderful facebook…

Well thats all from me now so if u wanna check out my Youtube channel click on the big YOUTUBE link at the bottom 😛

So good luck to all you blogers and users out there and may all your blogs be true but not corny 😀

If you want to see my home page click HERE
If you want to see my archives click HERE
If you wanna find out the game that i play/ed click HERE



Facebook Profile

Youtube Channel

Fantasy Chef

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