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Weekly Mobile Update

August 30, 2011 Leave a comment

well here is today’s weekly mobile update if you want to imptove the name leave a comment or personal message 😀

So i wanted to start this to keep you guys up to date with the games that i play i will be making a page of this very very soon. If there are any spelling mistakes im sowwy 😀

Well in this week’s gaming world Eden Eternal is getting an update in a few days time (Thier wensday update is thursday for me) i dont know what the updates might be but i think it would be something to do with the pvp system when they should be working on the lvl cap, yes i know x-legends the maker of eden eternal (tw) hasnt gotten to lvl 60 yes (last time i checked) also the other day i was going throgh create a char in EE an i saw that yhere were 4 extra classes (one for each except for magic dps) i know one of them is samurai.

after reading the diablo 3 update on hyper i started thinking about the sc2 action which i will be explaining next week

more weekly uploads comming soon!!!

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