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Contact Da CHEF!

August 13, 2011 Leave a comment

Here ya goes guys!!! (and girls 😛 ye right there ye u there :D)

If you wanna contact DA CHEF! here are the Cooking options 😛

Step 1: Comment on my “Home” Categories

Step 2: Contact my Youtube accounty

Step 3: if you still havnt got an answer in a few days go to my facebook

and PM me or add me as an Awsome cooking Friend 😀 *MAKE SURE YOUR LOGGED IN*

Step 4: PI*S OFF … na jks 😛 usually i would have replied to Facebook 😀 but if i havnt means im toooooo busy with gamin 😀

Step 5: Talk to ya soon 😀


If you want to see my home page click HERE
If you want to see my archives click HERE
If you wanna find out the game that i play/ed click HERE


Last updated: Aug 12th 2011 @ 7:00 *planned*

If you wish for me to stop swearing contact me on my Youtube account by inbox

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